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Lockcrete Bauer is the Retaining Wall Division for
The Bauer Company, Inc. a subsidiary of the Snyder Associated Companies, Inc. and has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Keystone Retaining Wall Products in the Tri-state region since 1995.



Enjoy the sights and sounds of a soothing lighted falls in your next landscape project.
Available in multiple colors, Colorfalls is an easy, virtually maintenance free way to add a water feature to your patio or backyard.

The Colorfalls system is specifically designed for use with hardscape materials, and is a perfect fit for incorporating into formal backyard patios and retaining walls. Colorfalls can add a breathtaking new dimension by introducing the element of water to your outdoor entertainment area. Colorfalls is available in several different colors to accent your project while bringing the relaxing sound of a waterfall creating your own backyard oasis, and it’s lighted so you can enjoy it both day and night.
The 24” Colorfalls Kit pictured right, comes with everything required to easily install it into your next hardscape project. Water is recirculating and is virtually maintenance free. The kit includes a pump, power supply, pipe and fittings, basin, and L.E.D. lighted falls head. The Colorfalls is also available as a 36” kit by special order. Contact Lockcrete Bauer or your local Authorized Dealer for more information.

Note: In winter climates the basin should
be drained and the pump and falls head removed to avoid possible damage
from freezing.

SOL White
Ice Blue
Fire Red
Crystal white

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