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Lockcrete Bauer is the Retaining Wall Division for
The Bauer Company, Inc. a subsidiary of the Snyder Associated Companies, Inc. and has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Keystone Retaining Wall Products in the Tri-state region since 1995.



Lockcrete Bauer offers a unique and innovation solution to hardscape lighting. Integral Lighting's full line of low voltage lighting units can be used to illuminate a walkway or to highlight steps, walls and columns.

These lights are easy to install in new or existing construction and can light up stairs or pathways or highlight columns. Lights are available in multiple finishes to accent most retaining wall products, and are available in both halogen and L.E.D. style fixtures. Contact Lockcrete Bauer or your Authorized Dealer for additional information on prices and availability.  
Dual Lamp—IL18   Single Lamp—IL6  
Available Color Samples
Solid metals—3 finishes
Solid Copper Model ILxx.105 Solid Brass Model ILxx.125 Stainless Steel Model ILxx.150
Powder Coated Aluminum—13 colors
Black Model ILxx.200 Bronze Model ILxx.225 Clay Model ILxx.250
Putty Model ILxx.275 Brick Red Model ILxx.300 White Model ILxx.325
Bone Model ILxx.350 Sand Model ILxx.375 Mud Model ILxx.400
Terra-cotta Model ILxx.425 Pebble Model ILxx.450 Stone Model ILxx.475
Slate Model ILxx.500

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